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I didn't see anything, but he knew we were coming...started out for an awkward bbq. He rarely drinks and to be drunk by noon was totally not normal. I told my hubby to take max home on the four wheeler and I would pick up the food and stuff because his dad was so drunk and that I would drive his home.

My Hubby left and now I'm left with a man I thought I knew and someone who thought of me as a daughter, not quite. I pulled into the his garage and was praying my husband was not going to come over to help.

He likes to sit naked in his room(which is fine in your own privacy), but his bedroom window is where he sits at and when we are outside we go and talk to him. He will take a blanket to cover, but ALWAYS mention.

I did a lot of this for my husband and I did feel sad that bob was alone.

Over the last year he has had been more perverted and It was starting to feel uncomfortable.

SO then, I went with my husband over there and talked with him. I told him I woun't come around unless he is dressed, stops talking and making perverted remarks about me or other women. that he may need to bring this up to his doctor that he feels the need to be naked all the time. I didn't come around for about 2 weeks and I avoided him with all cost.

I told him there are communities that do this, if this is what he needs, or medication for depression or something to help him. but when you are neighbors you will run into each other eventually.


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