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Simply put, technology is not infallible, and it's impossible to predict what could go wrong with this unlocking method.

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But on other occasions, you simply slide to answer. The technology giants opted for a slider option to appear when the phone is locked because it reduces the chance of acidentally answering a phone call in your pocket or in your bag.All of these phones are powered by Apple's new A11 Bionic chip, a neural engine, and the M11 motion coprocessor. They claim it can also work in the dark, or recognize changes to your face -- like if you grow a beard, or wear glasses, or change your hair, or put on a kooky outfit.The only difference is how the phones use these features: The i Phone X uses the A11 chip and neural engine for its new face-detection system Face ID, which the i Phone 8 does not have. But we still don't know how Face ID will actually work in the wild when millions of people are using it.Important: there's a privacy setting on your i Phone that if not turned off, shows a map with dates and times of your frequent locations, including your home.I made a quick video showing what it shows and how to turn it off. Posted by [link href=" link_updater_label="internal"]Melody Puckett on Sunday, May 17, 2015Did you go somewhere recently that you'd rather not have anyone find out about?The clip, uploaded by Facebook user Melody Puckett, shows where this info can be found and how to deactivate it.


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