Bull chat for cuckold in ny

The truth is that many men want a wife who is sexually dominant and enjoy the fact that other men are attracted to her.

Your husband wants you to enjoy your sexuality and his cuckolding fills him with a sense of fulfilment.

The extent to which a couple incorporate cuckolding into their marriage is naturally their personal preference.

It may range from occasional meetings with a man away from her husband through to a regular lover who visits the couple at their home.

Some couples carry the cuckold's humiliation to extremes and for them it is an essential part of the cuckolding lifestyle.

Others view the cuckold as enlightened for unselfishly allowing her to experience pleasure from a superior performer.

Many people dislike the term and "lover", "boyfriend", "stud" and "guest male" are often used instead.

The term "bull" denotes his superior sexual prowess.Naturally he has his own motivations and enjoying the wife is probably top of the list but he will be mindful of the cuckold and his humiliating position.The amount and type of abuse the cuckold receives can range from none to extreme and is something a good bull will agree with the couple well before they reach the bedroom.Generally the husband derives his pleasure from his wife's enjoyment.Picture taking for a lasting memento is also popular, as is making home movies!Humiliation of the cuckold, apart from verbal abuse, can involve forced feminisation - making him wear female clothes such as panties and stockings.


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