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(In "The Man Behind The Curtain" this song also plays in the van as Ben kills his father, Roger.)Juliet:"Downtown," Petula Clark (purchase/download)The song which made Petula a British Invasion darling in the Us back in 1965 is played by Juliet during the "Tale of Two Cities" episode, just before she heads to the Dharma bookclub on the day of the Oceanic 815 crash.When Juliet arrives at the airport to begin her service with the Dharma Initiative in "One Of Us," this song plays in the car during the flashback."He's Evil," The Kinks (purchase/download)Charlie sings this obscure 1974 Kinks deep cut (from Preservation: Act II) while he fishes with Jin in "The 23rd Psalm," but even though the recording itself plays in Charlie and Liam's flat during the "Fire Water" "Moonlight Serenade," Glenn Miller Hurley and Sayid first hear this sweet swing classic on a radio at the Arrow station in the episode "The Long Con," and it plays on Jack's car radio during a flashback in "Tale of Two Cities." Aside from the fact that Miller himself vanished during a plane ride, the song appears to have no specific meaning."She's Got You," Patsy Cline (purchase/download) Another Cline classic, this tune is identified with Kate: in "Eggtown" it plays as Kate and Claire hang out in their Dharma apartment; during "Whatever Happened, Happened" it plays in Kate's car as she goes to visit Cassidy -- whom she eventually leaves Aaron with.17 January, 2012 -- Jan and Dean singing Sidewalk Surfing - Followed by interview with Dick Clark and Skateboard demonstration by Jan.(man the kids have come a long way on those skateboards since then) Note: If you enjoy this programming over the internet -- Please help us expand and continue to bring these shows to you by supporting the Rock-it Radio Music 'Launching pad'.Click here to go to the Rock-it Radio Launching Pad site. Desmond:"Make Your Own Kind of Music," "Mama" Cass Elliot (purchase/download)This Barry Mann-Cynthia Weil composition was a 1969 adult contemporary hit for "Mama" Cass Elliot of the Mamas and the Papas, and is often used in conjunction with the Desmond Hume character.

Episode: "I Do""Slowly," Ann-Margret (purchase/download)A sexy song playing during Kate's flashback that presages her amorous hotel room encounter with her fiance, Kevin.Episode: "Greatest Hits""Carrie Anne," The Hollies (purchase/download)This British Invasion classic of innocence remembered is playing during Charlie's #4 best thing to ever happen to him: learning to swim with his father as a child.Episode: "Meet Kevin Johnson""It's Getting Better," Mama Cass Elliot (purchase/download)Cass' first solo hit and the precursor to "Make Your Own Kind Of Music" plays in Micheal's car, ironically, as he tries to commit suicide.Episode: "Everybody Hates Hugo""My Conversation," The Uniques (purchase/download)This song plays during Hurley's dream in the Swan station. "Up On The Roof," The Drifters (purchase/download)This classic is playing on the Swan record player as Hurley and Rose figure out how to distribute the food.Episode: "What Kate Did""The End Of The World," Skeeter Davis (purchase/download)A pop-country standard that plays in the diner where Diane, Kate's mother, works, and where she essentially disowns her daughter.Episode: "Lockdown""I'll Share My World With You," George Jones (purchase/download)Locke and Helen's theme of sorts; it plays in their house as they prepare for the picnic where he plans to propose to her."Compared To What," Les Mc Cann and Eddie Harris (purchase/download)Another great (and unlikely) Top 40 hit from the Swan archives. Episode: "Live Together, Die Alone, Part 1""Chains And Things," B. King (purchase/download)A 1971 single from the blues master that's heard on the Swan record player.


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