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Noticeably, Carl has the accent of a Black immigrant from Africa or the Caribbean.

References to Rabbi Krustofsky, Krusty the Clown's father, were removed as well.

According to Richard Poplak of the CBC, an ex-Disney employee in Lebanon told him that, in Poplak's words, "if a TV station can help it, they’ll excise references to Judaism from shows meant for the pan-Arab market." Badih Fattouh, MBC 1's acquisitions and drama commissioner head, said, "You must understand that we did not simply dub, but we Arabized the concept, and we toned it down a bit.

We toned [down] the language — we Arabized it in the cultural sense." MBC 1, a company owned by Saudi Arabian sheiks, created the Arabic adaptation.

Amr Hosny, a scriptwriter who frequently adapts works for the Arab world, served as the writer.

The creative personalities behind Al-Shamshoun were Egyptian.


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