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A favorite term for Valley Girls to use when faced with a negative reaction from their posse of friends or when someone is freaking out for no reason.

Totally comes from the same root as righteous, except that it can be applied in far more situations.

Like is so infinitely malleable that it replaced “um” amongst Valley Girls and served to punctuate every expression, sentence or exclamation. Replying ‘no duh’ to a statement made my another showed that you were way ahead of them when it came to putting things together. “Radical” meant that it was awesome, of course, but also edgy and bold.

" Jim Abrahams later deadpanned in the New York Times.) But he came though like a pro and played it straight, without a wink to the audience. Club oral history of the movie, "I was, like, "OK, this is what was going on.Of course, saying “not even” left one open to the insurmountable comeback of “even!”, which usually stopped the conversation dead in its tracks.So, here’s the Like Totally 80s run down on 80s slang – your own personal 80s slangionary. Michael Jackson appropriated this term for the title of his 1987 album, but in reality it had been in use since the 1960’s when James Brown proclaimed himself to be “superbad.” The word stayed largely within the African American community throughout the 70’s until the 80’s saw everyone adopt it as their term for describing someone or something that was cooler than the word cool could adequately convey.Valley girl speak for: “Your face is so unattractive and disturbing to me that I’d like to you wear a paper sack for my own personal comfort.” A totally harsh put-down, one wanted to save it for when it was truly called for.It is used by Loryn (well, a version of it anyway) in the opening scene of the best all time 80s movie, .


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