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No escape for escapists “We haven't really had a reason to get too excited for an election until now,” Altano says.“You probably noticed, but the last two of them were pretty abysmal.After all, this duo seems to have energized the youthful electorate (those typically more savvy with games and technology ) in a way rarely seen before.He notes that Palin in particular has inspired a glut of Flash games – “Hunting with Palin,” “Puck Palin” and “Sarah Palin Guardian of the Northern Frontier” to name a few.Buy gold for yourself to gain access to extra features and special benefits.A month of gold pays for 231.26 minutes of reddit server time!

“Commander n’ Chief,” for example, asks players to vote on a candidate by selecting which one they want to take into armed combat against gun-wielding bad-guys.As part of its "Thwomp the Vote" election coverage, gaming humor site The-Minus imagines what the presidential election might look like if it took place in the Mushroom Kingdom — home to famed Nintendo video game characters Mario and Luigi. But play the game these days, and you’re more likely to bump into Sarah Palin or Barack Obama than a .” The game encourages players to create beings, buildings, vehicles and spacecraft of their own design and to then share them with other players via the Sporepedia – an online encyclopedia of sorts. When the epic life-simulation game “Spore” first made its way onto home computers this year, players promptly got busy using the game’s Creature Creator to design a startling variety of anatomically explicit beings from another world.“We're hoping it brings gamers closer to the political world out there while giving the people who are actively following the election a new and entertaining spin on things,” Altano says.Gaming the election Dennis Mc Cauley, editor and founder of Game Politics.com, launched his Web site documenting the convergence of video games and politics in 2005.gives you extra features and helps keep our servers running.


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