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It's totally what I've been going through, being worried about change and what I've gone through in relationships and just as a human being. SB: I think if I had to choose one person right now it would be Chris Martin from Coldplay. And to be totally honest, a stylist had bought it for me.And this was my first time working with a stylist ever.The songstress is getting ready to hit the road for Lilith Fair in July, where she will be performing along with Kelly Clarkson and Selena Gomez! Sara Bareilles: I feel like my songs are like diary entries for me.Check out what Sara had to tell us about writing lyrics, fashion, and her dream duet! So I usually write about things that have happened to me specifically or sometimes it can be someone who's close to me., the stage adaptation of Adrienne Shelly’s 2007 indie film about a struggling small-town wife who copes with her abusive marriage by whipping up orgasmic pies and falling in love with her gynecologist.There is distinctly Sara Bareilles–y music by Sara Bareilles, but the show belongs to Mueller, whose uniquely soulful voice can, and will, bring you to tears.

Not that a man wouldn't be able to talk about those things, but I felt like we had a shorthand.

My sister went through a really bad breakup, but I got a couple songs out of that.

Watching her be depressed was really inspiring to me. When it's a good song everybody thinks it's about them.

made Broadway history last night when it opened as the first musical with an all-female top creative team, including Bareilles, director Diane Paulus, book writer Jessie Nelson, and choreographer Lorin Latarro. like vaginas and contractions”), embracing the theatrical sex scenes, and, of course, pie.

Mueller spoke with about how the all-female team influenced the show (“There were things that we were really comfortable talking about . I read that when you first came to New York from Chicago, you really didn't want to be a waitress. I was like, “I want to act, I want to keep working,” and I felt like if I came here, I’d have to become a waitress. How does that change how you feel as the show is opening? A director came to me and said, “What would you think about working on this? Of course, I feel pressure to an extent, but I try to think about it more like a responsibility, because this is a very special show. The female characters were so layered and everybody was a little quirky and broken.


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