Updating cpnd

This notification has to be done in addition to the notification under Article 13.

If the European Commission has concerns regarding the safety of a nanomaterial, it may request the Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety to perform a risk assessment.

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Last Name , First Name , DN , ORG (Which means...)Room, Welfare,5200, ORGRoom, Rest,5201, ORGCollections, Delivery,5202, ORGDuck, Donald,5208, ORGMouse, Micky,5209, ORGModem, Tom's,5230, ORGI2050 Phone, Jerry's,5234, ORGRabbit, Roger,5235, ORGMouse, Mini,5236, ORGBunny, Bugs,5237, ORG Before saving this file, highlight all of the columns & select the ôsortö option.

The sets are showing the changes and everything works perfectly.- I just cant get the corp directory to update!

We also have OTM Web Admin installed, but that has come out of sync aswell - I assume we'll be able to get that sorted with this command too?

Most sales from vannamei suppliers are taking place on more value added items such as pre-fried shrimp tempura, shrimp rings, small CPND plus any inventory that vannamei suppliers are looking to liquidate.

Click on column ôAö, so that the Name data is arranged in alphabetical order.


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